Delivering Real Results to Make Your Life Better 

Congressman Greg Stanton has never been focused on scoring political points or giving a nice speech, his singular focus in Congress is on making your life better and the results speak for themselves. He’s developed a reputation in Congress for working across the aisle and being a tireless advocate for Arizona who knows the issues of his state, and his district inside and out. As a former Mayor of Phoenix, Greg knows how to get things done and has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of his constituents.

Congressman Stanton flies home every weekend to work in his district and to spend time with his family. Why? Because Congressman Stanton flies home every weekend to work in his district and to spend time with his family. There is simply too much work to be done to spend hours of time for a few minutes on TV.

Securing Wins for Arizona

Stanton has focused on increasing trade opportunities in Arizona, planning for the state’s water future, and investing in public transportation and infrastructure. He was an early and vocal supporter of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. He helped shepherd the Colorado River Drought Contingency plan through the House. And he helped secure nearly $200 million to expand light rail into South Phoenix and accelerate construction of the Tempe streetcar.

He has also introduced bills to expand tourism in Arizona and add warning labels to addictive prescription opioids. He used his role on the House Judiciary Committee to advance legislation important to Arizonans, including the Access to Courts bill, which was signed into law.

Most importantly -- Stanton has delivered exceptional constituent services through outreach and casework. In his first term, his office has returned more than $2.3 million in federal benefits owed to residents in Arizona’s 9th district. That’s impact.

Fighting for Arizona’s Future - COVID-19 Response

From the minute COVID-19 struck Arizona, Congressman Stanton got to work to ensure Arizonans received resources -- delivering hundreds of millions of dollars for Arizona to battle the coronavirus. He hasn’t stopped there because he knows that’s not enough. Arizonans deserve action, transparency, clarity, and reliable support during this challenging time.