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Greg believes that a secure border is a must—for Arizona’s public safety and for the strength of our economy.  He knows that when the border is not secure, it’s Arizona communities that pay the price.


In Congress, Greg supported the largest border security bill in our history and has pushed to give law enforcement the tools it needs to stop dangerous drugs from being trafficked across the border.  With new tools and technology, Customs officers have been able to stop drugs in record numbers. 

He also: 

  • Introduced the bipartisan Stop Pills That Kill Act to deter drug traffickers and strengthen the nationwide fight against fentanyl by implementing new penalties for counterfeit pill production.

  • Pushed for a Homeland Security funding bill that invests in smart, effective border security while offering additional resources to avoid a potential humanitarian catastrophe.

  • Led a group of bipartisan lawmakers to introduce the Public Health and Border Security Act of 2022 to stop the Administration from lifting existing Title 42 immigration restrictions without a plan in place from the Homeland Security and Health and Human Services departments to address the expected surge of migrants at the Southern border.

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