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Arizona’s water security is essential–and with the American Southwest experiencing a record drought–it is more important than ever to take bold action.  The Colorado River is one of Arizona’s most important sources of water—and there’s important work ahead to save it.  Protecting our water supply is a must for our economy, too.

Greg knows water security is economic security.

Greg has made protecting our water one of his top priorities in Congress.  He recently voted to approve $4 billion to support drought relief efforts in the southwest, which was signed into law.

He also:

  • Secured the Water Infrastructure Authority, which will ultimately provide $150 million for water infrastructure projects throughout Arizona, in the 2020 Water Resources Development Act which was signed into law by then-President Trump.

  • Secured the authorization of $37.5 million to re-open and improve the Kyrene Water Reclamation Facility—which has been closed since the Great Recession.  Re-opening this plant will help Tempe better use recycled water and recharge groundwater for the future.  

  • Authored the Colorado River Drought Response Act, a $500 million drought mitigation bill to protect Lake Mead and Lake Powell, which passed the House.

  • Led the effort to authorize $18.75 million to address aging infrastructure at Chandler’s Ocotillo Water Reclamation Facility. 

  • Delivered funds to support Chandler’s new water interconnect facility that will help Intel create nearly 10,000 new jobs in the East Valley.  

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