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Kelly Cooper's Lie About Wanting to Release Jan. 6 Insurrectionists
Exposed by Video

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

PHOENIX—MAGA Extremist Kelly Cooper, the GOP nominee for Congress in Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District told voters during the primary that “the prisoners of January 6 need to be worked to be released on day one and I’ll make every effort to make sure that happens.”


Cooper made the declaration in response to a question posed by a right-wing activist who described those who attacked the U.S. Capitol to overthrow the government as “patriotic political prisoners.”


Tonight, Cooper falsely denied he made the comments and suggested instead bogus claims that he wants those who have not been charged with crimes to be released. Except Cooper’s new-found position relies on the false conspiracy theory that some are being held, but not charged, for attacking the Capitol.


That, too, is a lie. 



Cooper has been a proponent of violent extremism throughout his campaign.  He called for the assault of those who disagree with him, stating, “they've taken our schools, they’ve taken our communities, and now it’s time that we start assaulting them.”



Cooper has even compared sworn federal law enforcement officers to the Nazi Gestapo

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